Is The Paleo Diet Right For Me?

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How do you know whether or not is the paleo diet right for me? This diet adheres to the philosophy that we should be eating as early humans did, consuming more natural foods without additives, preservatives, or even processed very much at all. The guest writer on Nick & Gen’s Healthy Life blog is Pete Tansley who reviews the basic principles of the food plan. Some proponents of this eating plan think that Type 2 Diabetes might be reversible by following it. The website blog also includes a broad definition of what a paleo diet might look like and even a sample day’s menu (which includes coffee, thank goodness!). The slogan for the food plan is captured in the acronym, JERF, which stands for Just Eat Real Food.

According to the reviewer, Pete, this eating plan might work best for people who are just starting on a new eating plan journey or those people who might have health issues. It seems like this eating plan could be good for those on a come back journey from poor health, bad eating habits, terrible life style or other challenges that have affected their good health. The writer, Pete, points out that the eating plan could work well for lots of people, but for athletes or those people who want to really build muscle and body mass there is really no alternative but to eat up the carbs. And those are not really in line with the Paleo diet lifestyle. Pete thinks the solution may lie in a combination of low body fat and more exercise which could allow these high physical achievers to include more carbohydrates in to their eating plans.Until then, the Paleo diet may be the perfect eating plan for you. Why not head over to the site and read the article to see what you think.

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